This week and upcoming changes

For some reason painkillers seem to make me more energetic, and I've been on Vicodin for several days after having three teeth pulled. I ordered two shelving units and an over-the-door hanging rack. With those, I've re-organized and cleaned out my pantry and cupboards, re-arranged the cupboards and all my appliances, pulling a few down from over-the-cabinet storage where I never get to use them because of the hassle.

I've also decided to change my blog's theme - I'm still figuring out Blogger and would like to eventually make my own theme, but for now this one works.I'm planning on posting more often, more recipes, and if I can get my act together, photos! I've signed up to join the Daring Cooks and Daring Bakers, and would like to do even more events!

And finally, here is this week's box and plans:

2 bunches Green OnionsLettuce Wraps
3 each Red Bell PeppersJuice? Freeze.
6 each Braeburn ApplesJuice
6 each Braeburn ApplesJuice
1.5 pounds ParsnipsStew
6 each Fuji ApplesJuice
1 each Bunched Orange CarrotsStew
6 each Navel OrangesJuice
2 each Red OnionsStew. Pasta. Lettuce Wraps. Store.
3 each Rio Star GrapefruitJuice
1 each Red Leaf LettuceLettuce Wraps
0.66 pound Cremini MushroomsPasta, eggs


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