This week and upcoming changes

For some reason painkillers seem to make me more energetic, and I've been on Vicodin for several days after having three teeth pulled. I ordered two shelving units and an over-the-door hanging rack. With those, I've re-organized and cleaned out my pantry and cupboards, re-arranged the cupboards and all my appliances, pulling a few down from over-the-cabinet storage where I never get to use them because of the hassle.

I've also decided to change my blog's theme - I'm still figuring out Blogger and would like to eventually make my own theme, but for now this one works.I'm planning on posting more often, more recipes, and if I can get my act together, photos! I've signed up to join the Daring Cooks and Daring Bakers, and would like to do even more events!

And finally, here is this week's box and plans:

2 bunches Green OnionsLettuce Wraps
3 each Red Bell PeppersJuice? Freeze.
6 each Braeburn ApplesJuice
6 each Braeburn ApplesJuice
1.5 pounds ParsnipsStew
6 each Fuji ApplesJuice
1 each Bunched Orange CarrotsStew
6 each Navel OrangesJuice
2 each Red OnionsStew. Pasta. Lettuce Wraps. Store.
3 each Rio Star GrapefruitJuice
1 each Red Leaf LettuceLettuce Wraps
0.66 pound Cremini MushroomsPasta, eggs

Getting better...

Well, I used about 2/3 of the box I last posted. And last week's box is already almost gone - despite having 3 teeth pulled the day after I got it! Pears have been a problem - I never seem to use them as they don't juice very well. So I decided to start substituting for them. Of course, today I discovered a very yummy use for them! Too late for my upcoming box, but that's fine!

Pear Crisp Smoothie

1 ripe pear ( I used D'Anjou but I suspect any would work)
1 banana
1/2 c plain yogurt
1/4 c brown sugar
1/8 c old-fashioned oats (any are fine, I just happened to have some of these on hand)

Process in blender until smooth.

Oh man, best smoothie I've made in ages. Next time I want to try it with a frozen banana - I think the creamy texture that frozen bananas add would help a lot since I don't like to add ice in my smoothies. Time to start keeping them on hand!

In other news, I'm getting some shelving units tomorrow, and can start reducing my kitchen clutter! I'm very excited about this, as my biggest kitchen complaint (aside from the never-ending dishes) is no room! Of course, the piles of dishes add to that, and shelves won't fix that problem.

I'm also getting a few baking supplies and can't wait to start using them! A cake decorating set, a pastry mat for rolling out doughs - I never have enough counterspace for pie crusts or kneading bread.


Well last week was an (almost) complete failure. I didn't get my box put away right away and ended up losing almost all of it.

At least this week I got it all put away! (minus the fruit, which is fine sitting out)
1 bunch Green ChardTuscan White Bean soup
1 each Red Bell PeppersJuice or freeze
6 each Fuji ApplesJuice
0.75 pound ShallotsUse one for tuscan white bean soup, rest save
1 each Bunched CarrotsJuice
6 each Braeburn ApplesJuice
0.67 pound Baby Spinachcreamed spinach
6 each Navel OrangesJuice
1.2 pounds Sunchokessunchoke gratin
1 each Mangoseat if ripe before end of week, otherwise save for curry next week.
1 each Red Leaf Lettuce wraps.
4 each Bosc Pears eat whole, peel and give to Wes.
1 each Celery Ugh. Snack on I guess. Juice some. chop and freeze for soup/stock.